What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

Our investment approach begins by understanding your investment goals. Our 5-Step Program helps us create and manage a financial road map designed specifically for you. With this road map in place, we can begin building your portfolio.

We invest utilizing an all-capitalization, fundamental analysis approach. That is, we do not exclusively have a growth or value orientation, nor do we follow only large or only small capitalized companies. Rather, we look at all types of investment opportunities based on an investment's own merit. Indeed, we will even invest in special situations such as turnaround or restructuring plays or the change in management, to name a few examples.

Once identified, we thoroughly research an investment to see if it makes sense in the context of expected future returns. As stated earlier, not all investments are appropriate for all clients. We also do not attempt to time the market in terms of wholesale buying or selling of issues based on forecasting whether the general markets will rise or fall. However, we often do have opinions on where the markets are headed and will, on occasion, buy or sell issues that may perform better or worse in certain types of markets.

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